Improve Your Knowledge of ONIX Standards and Metadata Management

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The metadata dialog across the industry continues to play out at conferences and in social media, and is influenced by governance organizations such as the Book Industry Study Group (BISG), Bowker, ISNI International Authority (ISNI-IA) and Editeur. While these standards evolve, publishers need to stay focused on day-to-day title management and maintenance.Bowker-logo

Metadata Management: The Challenge

Multiple sources, inaccurate information, and wasted time

How many sources of title information do you have? Five, ten, or even more? Now, take that number and triple it. If you look deep enough, you’ll find your staff members are maintaining title information in more places than you think — in FileMaker files, Microsoft Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, Access databases, web databases, and other applications designed for everyone but publishers. Now, ask yourself this: How many of those sources are accurate and how much time is wasted broadcasting changes in an effort to keep the marketplace up to date? Every price change. Every copyright update. Every blip. Every edit.

Compounding the internal challenges you face are the ever-evolving Onix standards and retail/wholesale partner requirements for receiving and distributing data and assets.

Where’s the Help?

APA member, Firebrand Technologies, in cooperation with Bowker would like to offer audio publishers insight and practical solutions to some of these challenges during one or more webinars. In an effort to stay on point, it would be valuable to have your input. If this is of interest to your organization, please offer your input via this link.

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