Upcoming narrator webinar: Preparing the Audiobook Script

Tuesday, March 10 — 1:30 – 3 p.m. EST

with researchers and narrators Heather Anne Henderson and Judith West

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Skillfully tackling audiobook research means knowing how get pronunciation and dialect info as accurately and efficiently as possible. In this session, veteran narrators and researchers Judith West and Heather Henderson will share tips, tactics, and techniques for evaluating your sources, making efficient queries, adopting a detective mindset, finding specifics within general sources, looking outside the Internet, and more.

They’ll also give you a quick how-to-use tour of AudioEloquence.com, the pronunciation and dialect resource site they founded in 2010, which has become a preeminent research tool in the audiobook industry (and beyond). This free webinar is open only to APA members.

Q&A for attendees included. Space limited to 50 participants.


A note to the narrators from Tavia Gilbert:
Unfortunately, our last excellent webinar on narrating non-fiction, was not recorded as planned. I’m sorry to bring you this disappointing news, and don’t expect it to happen again in the future. The upside is that it may encourage Robert Fass, Kathe Mazur, and Sean Allen Pratt to continue their conversation about scheduling a follow-up session – Narrating Non-Fiction, Part II. Thanks for your patience and understanding.